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Here at TC we love to bring a cinematic perspective to all our productions, even those with tight budgets. This is why we developed our scalable workflow to bring cinematic quality and techniques to our clients. This approach is what sets us apart from the rest and makes your video standout. We take a budget and always look to maximize its potential, in fact, you’ll be surprised what we can do! With everything handled in-house, TC is quick to adapt to fast changing circumstances and delivers on time and in budget.

Our involvement with each project goes far beyond creating video content. We interact closely with our clients because we believe that they know their business and their brand much better than we do. So, we spare no effort to understand everything about each brand that we work with, from our clients. That helps us to arrive at the most relevant creative strategies and also to be able to speak in the language of the brand, while staying within the brand guidelines. Our 360 degree approach makes the process of producing your video production as seamless as possible, working in synergy with the client from the point of briefing to the complete handover of the final film.

In today’s highly competitive corporate scenario, portraying your company in the best light is an imperative need. That applies to an even greater degree to brands. So, whether it is your company’s corporate philosophy, vision, mission or values; or your brand values and tactical brand initiatives, creating a film to express it is a far more impactful means of communicating your message. We create professional videos for your product demos, creative presentations, corporate films and commercial ads for brands.

Film Production
Ad Films
Corporate Video
Music Video
Testimonial Video

Industrial Video
Social Media Video
Safety Video
Real Estate Films
Marketing Video

Ariel Filming
Sales Promo Video
Healthcare Films
Healthcare Ads

Health Tips Video
Informative Video
Public Awareness Video
Presentation Video
Outlets Presentations

Cookery Show
Food & Beverages
Restaurant Ads
Resort Video
Product Demo Video

Drone Shoot
Time-Lapse Video
360 Video
Television Shows
Reality Shows



Our core principle of bringing communication to life through sharply focused moving image ideas has allowed us to tackle any creative challenge, across all forms of digital and film media, irrespective of scale or complexity. Our teams here at TC have decades of experience in cutting together emotive, informative, engaging and entertaining edits. We’ve created the perfect environment here in Dubai Studio City to produce high quality

Colour Grading & Colour Correction

Colour grading at TC imparts a whole new level of class and finesse to any standard video, transforming simple visuals into vibrant masterpieces. Our colour correction experts are meticulous in transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. With decades of expertise in the film world it’s our passion to create beautiful videos, be that for film, television, corporate or brand promotion. A visually stunning video will help capture the heart of your target audience; it helps bring your story to life and makes your brand message stand out in any crowd.


TC FILMS Studios has over ten years experience in both operating and using greenscreen studios. The studios are set up as green although we can repaint to white and drape to blackout with some arrangement. We have lights in place and regularly supply kit and crew, from Directors of Photography, Operators and Lighting Specialists to Production Assistants and Runners.

Pre Production Services in Dubai

TC also offers crew hire, location services, production support and related assistance for international client visiting the region. Availing these services are major television stations, overseas production houses, multinational companies and international advertising agencies. You can depend on us for:

Film Shooting location permission in Dubai Crew hire | Set Building | Production manager | Equipment Rental | Location services | Studio Floor in Dubai | OB Van in Dubai | Sports Broadcast Production in Dubai | Film Production support in Dubai | Cinema Production | Group Hotel Bookings | UAE Group Visa | Logistics | Catering Services for Film Production

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